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A palm tree fell on Saladar passeig of a vehicle

November 28 from 2014 - 13: 14

About 22 hours last night one of the palms of the Passeig del Saladar fell on the roof of a Citroen C9 vehicle, causing dents in the same. The worst happened when the firefighters who came to the scene of the incident prepared to remove the palm tree. They did it with a hydraulic jack and this caused the palm tree to collapse definitively on the tailgate of the car.

Palmera fall on car

The damage was on the rise as the tailgate was totally broken and the rear window and trims. The owner of the damaged vehicle gave notice to your insurance company intends to claim damages from the Dianense consistory by the poor state of conservation presented palm.

A fact that was simply damage but it would have been more serious if the palm instead of falling to the outside of the ride, had fallen into the interior area could have done about people who used to walk the walk.

The locals had warned of the precarious situation in which they find most palm trees that are in the Passeig del Saladar, since they are totally rotten inside, as happened with the fall of the vehicle.

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