A new Visual Guide Dénia shows a different view of the city

January 13 from 2012 - 00: 00

The Gandian publishing house Muñoz and Canet, with the collaboration of photographer Mauricio Laporta, has published a Visual Guide of Denia Which brings together 275 photographs that show a new image of our city, divided into different blocks: Nature, Monumental Heritage, Holidays and Traditions, Sailor Destination, Beach and Leisure and Gastronomy.

La Visual Guide of Denia is the result of eight months of work, between February and November of 2011, in which the author kicked Dénia in order to find the most significant and representative images of the city. In addition Laporta, author of the images, has highlighted the human factor of the shots -more than 10.000 in total-, showing a living city in which its citizens did not hesitate to collaborate.

Luís Muñoz, from Muñoz and Canet, is convinced that with this guide Dénia will acquire a great notoriety, rubbing shoulders with big cities thanks to the "perfect model" Which is the city, which has offered great images.

The Dénia Ayuntamiento has collaborated with the acquisition of 500 copies of this guide, which can also be purchased soon in the Dianense bookshops for 12 euros. Pepa Font, Councilor for Tourism, has informed that the guide will travel with them to FITUR as one of the great novelties of this year. Font has been delighted with the treatment that has been given to the city in the photographs as well as highlighting the great work of composition, summary of the tourist potentials that Dénia has.

  1. LES ROTES says:

    Totally agree with Starlight .It is very easy to talk to past bull from a keyboard and not risk, only quejarse.Te I assure you that people know he has done the project and have never given them anything even in their hometown. They are professional photographers, design and editing their work and pay their mortgages and their children's school. More respect for people who love their profession and fight every day for dignificarla.PD: Kitty, you have much to shut up and learn.

  2. Starlight says:

    For the kitten.
    Before putting a comment teaches you to write.
    And if you want work, innovate or try it.

  3. dentex says:

    advice for kittens ... I respect your opinion ... but I consider that the focus of your criticism is somewhat out of tune and toasted ... above all you should be very proud of your city ... and there are still companies from abroad that want to invest and work to improve their image and spread all its charms ...

    find out well before commenting and cracking on projects ... about which you do not know the fine print or its fringes ....


  4. the blond says:

    With an article like that, it would not be too bad to show some photos, right?

  5. the cat says:

    Yet another unnecessary for diananenses spending, apparently Denia is not quite large companies and fotrografos what they have to go to the people side to make the tranajo that should stay in our city who pays taxes, seeing what seve a matter of going somewhere else to give us win something to pay taxes impuesttos our ayto.