A new campaign seeks to disprove the claim that alcohol protects against coronavirus

November 13 from 2020 - 09: 48

The Community Prevention Units of Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA) of the Valencian Community come together to launch a campaign on the occasion of the Day without alcohol that is commemorated on November 15 in Spain and many other countries. The objective of this campaign is to sensitize the entire society about the dangers of alcohol consumption in time of COVID-19.

The campaign, titled With alcohol, keep your distance, aims to raise awareness about the physical and psychological damage that this substance produces to the body. Alcohol is responsible for three million deaths each year on a global scale, and is the drug most consumed in the last 12 months among high school students, according to the ESTUDES 2018-2019 survey, conducted at the state level.

To get the campaign messages across, different posters have been designed to disprove some of the myths related to alcohol consumption and COVID-19. During the pandemic, erroneous information has been generated in relation to its consumption and the virus, such as that alcohol can protect against contagion, that it helps to better cope with the situation or that it is a valid option to disconnect and relate.

The UPCCA of the Valencian Community, which work on this problem throughout the year, have come together to work together on the message and give it greater visibility on the occasion of this day. The prevention of the abusive consumption of alcohol is a task of society as a whole and collective awareness in these times of pandemic is more relevant than ever.

Although the UPCCA works with special emphasis with the adolescent population, to prevent the initiation to consumption or abuse of substances, the messages of the campaign are directed to society as a whole, since alcohol consumption is widespread, normalized and, many sometimes trivialized among the adult population.

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