An ecological exhibition on the beach in Dénia promotes animal rights and rejects the Bous a la Mar

02 June 2023 - 08: 30

The Asociación Espirita Respeto Animal, an organization committed to the defense of animal rights, has held an outstanding exhibition on El Raset beach with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of animal protection and the preservation of the environment. .

The exhibition, made up of works of art made with recycled material collected on the beach itself, seeks to honor bulls and greyhounds, two species that currently lack adequate protection according to the association. The initiative is intended to pressure the Government to include hunting dogs and bulls in the animal protection law.

The event was attended by tourists, local residents and signatories of the association's petitions, who joined in support of the cause. In addition, approximately 60 children collaborated in the exhibition, creating their own ecological works of art using materials collected on the Dénia beach. This initiative, called Art of Collecting, Creating and Throwing, seeks to promote environmental awareness from an early age.

The exhibition, which took place on Dénia's canine beach, presented a wide variety of works of art, such as a black plastic bull, a giant bull made from recycled fabric, two posidonia bulls, a greyhound made of cigarette butts, two greyhounds plastic and a greyhound painted on wood, as well as five dog faces made of paper, plastic and cloth representing five puppies.

In addition to claiming the rights of animals, the Animal Respect Spiritist Association took the opportunity to request the Dénia City Council to call a popular referendum before closing the budgets for the traditional festival of the Bous a la Mar, which they consider offensive.

As ethical and ecological alternatives to this celebration, the association proposed several suggestions, among which are the elimination of the image of the bull on the poster of the party, the creation of an annual creative car race that promotes the art of recycling and sociability, and stopping the promotion of binge drinking among young people.

In addition, the organization of cleanings of beaches in rural areas, seabeds and ports, combining sport and recycling, and rewarding individual or collective effort. It was also proposed to carry out recycled art, painting and sculpture contests for all ages, where the jury is the community in general. Finally, the creation of an annual family sand sculpture contest and water car races was suggested to reward the creativity of neighborhood groups.

  1. I xelo says:

    Defending the cause with work seems to me worthy of respect, few or no one does it, I have not seen anything similar, I do not know spiritualism but I am beginning to like good ideology.

  2. TT says:

    The Bous al Mar is a disgrace for Denia!