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One vehicle collides with another while trying to avoid a police check

30 2020 April - 10: 41

During yesterday, 23 denouncement acts were opened in Dénia for non-compliance with the decree of the state of alarm, as well as one for possession of narcotic drugs.

The Local and National Police of the municipality continue their work to control that both vehicles and people comply with the mobility restriction measures to overcome the health crisis. For this, different controls are carried out at multiple points in Dénia.

In one of these, in Camí Sant Joan, a vehicle attempted to evade control by noticing the police presence. To do this, it reversed until it collided slightly with another vehicle. After locating the agents to the driver, he tried to justify his presence on public roads by claiming that he had come to buy a bottle of water, relying on a purchase ticket but that it had been issued 4 hours earlier, for which he was sanctioned.

In addition, several people were also sanctioned for breach of the decree without trying to give any consistent justification. You just want to clear yourself by drinking alcohol. One of them, caught bathing on the beach after having a glass of wine on its shore, another at dawn that came from a friend's house and, when they stopped, was looking for an open pub to continue the party, and three others chatting in the street while having a few beers.

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