A product to hang, stick and assemble without tools in Coloma 2 Hardware Store

25 October 2019 - 10: 59

Do not throw any of your favorite objects because a corner has been broken or because you do not know how to mount it again. Coloma 2 Ferreteros It brings you an innovative product with which you don't need to have a toolbox full of everything: Fischer ONLY WITH HANDS. I'm sure you'll like it!

What are the advantages of Fischer ONLY WITH HANDS?

They serve to fix and hang, repair and paste, assemble and seal. And all, without tools, only with your hands. Solve the small daily challenges posed by a painting, a lamp, a hinge or a vase. Repair them without resorting to many tools you don't have or don't like to use. Fischer products ONLY WITH HANDS also work as adhesives for a wide variety of materials: they adhere permanently and reliably. And they are also very suitable for sealing.

Don't think about it, stop by Coloma 2 Hardware Store on Avenida de Valencia 38, and get Fischer products ONLY WITH HANDS. They will get you out of trouble! In Coloma 2 Ferreteros are always thinking of helping you.

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