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A technical report explains the facts of the complaint to the corporation 2008

February 03 from 2015 - 00: 00

A technical report made by the city planning department of the City of Dénia and signed by the municipal architect, Rogelio Mira, echoes the Accors complaint filed by the association against the government team in charge of the motion of censure in 2008 for alleged planning corruption.

With regards to requalification of lands in the 1 and 2 Racons sectorThe report states that in 2009 the Governing Board at the request of Councilwoman planning, decided that was the planning department which took the actions of various resources, including the resource was administrative litigation requesting the sectors Racons 1 and 2 be declared as soil nonurbanizable special protection.

On the same date was agreed desisitir the previous resource and dated 1 July 2009 the TSJ of Valencia declares the procedure closed at the request of the City, and the entry into force of the Urban Transitory Regime in August 2013 are ranked land as undeveloped land, and as Protected Forest Zone Humid.

On pleitear renounces against changes in the General Plan, the report shows that in 2009 and after conversations with the Ministry of Tearritorio, it is agreed in the Governing Board to desist from some of the contentious-administrative resources and that others were assumed by the urban services so that "they will be conveniently studied and decided with the most appropriate criteria under the new procedural circumstances".

In the section dedicated to the Deprotection of the estate of baroness, the report reminds that in the year 2007, the plenary session of the city council approved, with the abstentions of PP, CU and Gent de Dénia and the vote against the PSD, the punctual approval of the Transitional General Plan to classify the "Campo Torres" or Baronesa farm as a public endowment.

This area, with the entry into force of the PGT, is classified as urban land qualification residential, and in the new PGOU exposed to the public, the land is classified as urban multiple qualification. With the entry into force of the RUT the programming of the farm is suspended and it is waiting to clarify the situation.

Finally, on the Les dune cord unprotected DevesesIt is clarified that in 2008 a judgment of the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal filed by a developer against the refusal of a license for major works to build 31 apartments, parking and pool in the Marines-Racons 14-B Highway at issue the dunes in buildings projected.

In parallel with this ruling, in the year 2007, the Interim General Plan land qualifies as Green Zone, and the new PGOU exposed to the public qualifies soil partly as a green area and the rest as equipment, projecting both a road.

As in the aforementioned cases, the adoption of the RUT (Urbanístico Transitional Rules) suspends the classification of land and are waiting to clarify their situation.

Currently there is no accused or any of the eleven councilors who made up that team of government have been called to testify.

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