A group of "tourism" boars on the beaches of Dénia

01 September 2022 - 13: 11

Our beaches of Dénia in summer are a claim that few can resist. And less with the temperatures these days. Not even the local wildlife, which is less and less afraid of sharing spaces with people.

As can be seen in the video they send us, a group of wild boars have decided to leave the quietest areas of the municipality to approach the most desired: the coast. This group chose the area of ​​Punta Negra for their night walk, where neighbors affirm that they are regulars of the place these days.

  1. Dori says:

    Very well said.

  2. Cristina says:

    Me, before making a stew with wild boars, I would do it with "the pigs" that leave La Punta Negra as a garbage dump.
    It is clear that Nature is getting out of hand… have we done something? It would be appreciated if the local councils in the area delimited a part of the Montgó Natural Park to be able to keep them in their habitat and under control... but I doubt they would do anything other than asphalting and putting streetlights in every corner! national sport with huge profits

  3. Cristina says:

    I, rather than making a stew with the wild boars, would do it with "the pigs": which leave the black tip made a garbage dump... it is clear that nature is getting out of hand... we will be doing something wrong! I propose that the local councils in the area delimit part of the Montgó Natural Park and set up an area for these animals and thus keep them under control

  4. Silvia says:

    Danke fűr dein gutes Herz und Verständnis. Leider ist is so.
    Diese Waldbrände ist der traurigste Wahnsin.!!! Das ist das zu Hause der Tiere. Equal wie im Meer dei Owallen. Die haben keine Schuld daran das die Welt vergiftet wird. Traurig genug !!!

  5. Teresa says:

    Wild boars have no natural predator, if they are not controlled by hunting they proliferate non-stop and are a danger they can attack and cause serious traffic accidents. They are not cute little animals that walk around as tourists, rummage through the fields and gardens in search of food, destroying fences. I have suffered them in my house, in any other country the populations are strictly controlled. How many accidents would have to occur for something to be done?

  6. Nekane says:

    And they can't be hunted?
    A nice toast!!!
    I would also make them a good stew after hunting them, like in the preserve when they are not closed season and my husband is so happy even though he is not a hunter
    but he enjoys them later with all the neighbors so happy.

  7. Marisa Nicholas says:

    Hello, good.. Without any doubt, you are right, Silvia.
    Totally agree... We are shocked to see them out there like this... But they are not in their habitat and it is evident that they must be having a terrible time... And scared at least not knowing where to go... Or what to eat... Let's hope they help those of Seprona who are there for that 🙏🙏🙏 poor things... and if they will attack it would be out of pure fear and for their defense.
    Thank you, let's be tolerant. 💜

  8. Silvia says:

    It's already more than sad!!! Every year there are fires and they remove the Fauna from the Animals!!! Where do they have to go to look for Life??? They are totally disoriented. To give an Example: It is to put Food Sites and Agwa to help them.!!!

    • ED says:

      Hello, in August 4 years ago, returning from Denia to Oliva around 21:30 p.m., a wild boar crossed us, on the main road that was quite busy, thank God we were able to control the car and there was no massive accident .