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A "happy ending" in times of crisis: the terrace of the conflictive 10 centimeters reopens

May 22 from 2020 - 09: 48

La Vecchia Roma is an Italian restaurant in the central La Mar street. A few days ago, his project to join Phase 1 with its adapted terrace fell on deaf ears despite having a favorable technical report. The lack of communication and the inevitable dilation of the response times of the local administration caused that last Friday the police forced them to remove their outdoor tables for a conflictive 10 centimeters. However, after resuming dialogue with the City Council they received the best news of all: they could serve.

The greatest fear of its owners, Fabio Moya and Vicente Devilla, was having to do without their team, which they consider to be from the family. They had no need to provide service on the premises, in this case on the terrace, since preparing food at home could work, but that prevented them from keeping the staff and it was up to them to send them home in a tough economic situation like the one we are experiencing.

Now, since this week they have resumed their service on the terrace with their team thanks to the resolution of their project that, after making their history public, was verified and, indeed, there had been a communication failure. They did have permission to join the Phase 1 measures, and for this reason now from the restaurant they want to thank them for having been treated to give them a fair solution.

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