A surgeon at the Dénia Hospital becomes a viral musician "because" of his daughter

14 December 2022 - 11: 32

Dr. José Mallent, Head of Plastic Surgery of the Dénia Health Department, alternates the scalpel with the microphone and forms, together with the ophthalmologist Honorio Barranco, Sunken Screens; a band that gives new life to movie soundtracks like Lost Highway y Grease, and strings like The Sopranos, The Wire y Peaky Blinders.


He comes to me and says: "it still says that the songs have <1000 reproductions" I want to cry 💔💔

♬ to build a home - favsoundds

Now Dr. Mallent has now gone viral in his role as a musician. It all happened as a result of a TikTok entry published by his daughter Pilar, which has achieved more than 18 million views; which has made them go from a hundred monthly listeners to 250.000 on Spotify and the 400 reproductions they had on YouTube of their song Goodbye HorsesThey already have more than 33.000.

Sunken Screens have been placed at the top of the playlists of online platforms in countries like Chile and Mexico, with the songs I'm Deranged, tribute to David Bowie, and Cold Little Heartby Michael Kiwanuka.

Mallent and Barranco met in the operating rooms of the Hospital de la Ribera while listening to music. Mallent heard some chords from a Steely Dan song and Honorio another by João Gilberto. From there they became inseparable and Bordes Libres was born, a band made up exclusively of doctors. Precisely, the name of the group refers to tumors without malignant cells. The band is still active today, but without its two founding members.

  1. M. Carmen Diaz says:

    Beautiful...song...I have known Dr. Jose Mallent for many years since I had surgery...and it changed my life...his hands are exceptional, a great professional and very humane, a relationship...patient and Dr. My congratulations on your facet as a singer ..

  2. Martha says:

    Wow schön zu lesen das es noch solche versteckten Kapazitäten gibt in beiden Richtungen
    Möge Beides weiterhin gut gelingen

  3. Jorge Manuel Pérez Zúñiga says:

    That good!!!
    We know Dr. Mallent, an excellent professional and especially a great and good person.
    Now we discover his facet as a musical artist, which he adds to that of an artist as a plastic surgeon.
    All a genius!!! A big hug.