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A solidarity calendar helps the curb Association Condemned

November 16 from 2012 - 00: 02

The union between the business sector and the associative fabric of Dénia has given as a result a solidarity action that will collaborate with the financing of the Condemned to Curb Association.

Multisecma, CEDMAThe Photo Club Denia and the County Fire Station have worked together to take forward a calendar 2013 whose profits will go to the association president Jimmy Higueras and today has more than 90 users and hundreds of volunteers.

One morning last October, fifty members of the Association attended the Regional Park Fire to enjoy a different morning and make the photo essay by Alfredo Sanz, Paco and Toni Adsuar Moya, the Fotoclub Dénia. The result has been an almanac with intimate pictures of shared moments between firefighters and members of the association, people with disabilities aimed at improving their quality of life through sport and exits.

Jimmy Higueras acknowledged that, although not very keen on actions that involve a sale, is something necessary at the time when we, as by the public institution have significantly decreased aid. In fact, thanks to the publicity being done by social networks sale calendar, have already sold about 1.000 copies and more money than that provided by the grant will be collected.

Luis Silvestre, president of Multisecma, and Sonja Dietz, President of CEDMA highlighted the collaboration of twenty companies in the project, demonstrating the need to maintain linked the company and society. According to Dietz, entrepreneurs "We have a duty to reintegrate into society what we receive from it, offering a greater commitment to improve things".

Javier Valera, the Regional Fire Station, fondly recalled the day of the interview, in which he participated virtually all the staff and found them the world of disability, unknown to many of them.

There has been a unicial circulation of copies 1.300 5 euros sold, but given the good reception that is taking, the Association does not rule out the idea of ​​launching more copies. They can be purchased through the volunteers of the association, on its website condenadosalbordillo.org or ordering them on the phone 96 578 66 22.

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