One year Headquarters associations

May 17 from 2012 - 00: 00

The municipal facilities of the Headquarters of Associations meet these days a year, and have celebrated it with an open day held on Wednesday in which citizens could access the building to learn about its operation.

At the moment there are thirteen associations that make use of their facilities, either with their headquarters there, or using the classrooms for meetings and meetings: High Solidarity Marine Federation, Matria Associació de Dones, APROSDECO, AMADEM, ACOMAAD, the Association of Diabetics of Dénia, APRAMP, DIYAFA, Condemned to the curb, VOLEM, ADAHMA, ADISDE and Ludai.

But undoubtedly what has more impact among users is the Multisensory Room, on the ground floor of the building, which plays with lights, colors and textures to enhance the sensations of users.

The headquarters of associations is located in Campo Torres Street, 16, and has the collaboration in the organization of the High Solidarity Marina Federation.

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