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Calle Marques de Campo, No. 46 Apartment 3º- Pta. 7 03700 Dénia (Alicante) See map
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Monday through Friday from 8.00 to 15.00 hours
Communication, Advertising / Marketing

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Trest Communication is a project that arises as a result of what vulgarly is known as Uneasy ass syndrome. Those who suffer from this syndrome are its drivers, Thomas Goik and Toni Ortolá.

After a beautiful story of love and passion, where everything was mutual admiration, Goik, computer programmer dedicated to creating web pages, and Ortolá, matured graphic designer between Typographical a small family printing, undertook the adventure of working paths together to expand job prospects as designers and programmers of web pages.

The result? A society in gestation eager to grow and mature.
It is at this time that appears on the scene Maria Teresa GAVILAYoung, dynamic and eager and training in the field of social communication.

Trest Communication

Presented the three main characters, begins the story of Trest Communication. This story has to do with the communication, the design and Web development. This story has to do with the twenty-first century and the new technologies in 2.0, the 3.0 and whatever comes next. This story does not yet have a final written and if a frame engaging.

Want to promote your business? Want to get better results and we all know you and know what you do?
Be seen with Trest Communication.

      - Advertising

      - Radio ads

      - Posters

      - Billboards

      - Vinyl

      - Stickers for your facade or shop window

    - Websites

... Everything you need, tresT Communication is your solution. 🙂

Trest Communication


Calle Marques de Campo, No. 46 Apartment 3º- Pta. 7 03700 Dénia (Alicante) -

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