Three arrested for recidivism in breach of the state of alarm and disobedience

May 03 from 2020 - 12: 21

Yesterday was the first day in which the new regulations for sports outings and walks were put into practice throughout the country, being in the cities of more than 5.000 inhabitants by time bands. Despite the fact that it has been repeatedly reported what the restrictions are in all the existing channels, many people have decided to ignore it and rush into the "step by step" of de-escalation.

During yesterday, 36 complaint acts were opened in Dénia, the vast majority of those filed by the Local Police for the reason we indicated. On 3 occasions couples had to be sanctioned for walking together without residing at the same address and another 4 for people for failing to meet the time slots for walking or playing sports. Something as simple as complying with a few time slots and it seems that, although our daily life is framed in schedules, it is superior to us.

Three people were also arrested yesterday in the municipality for repeated failure to comply with the restrictions of the state of alarm decree or for disobedience to the authority, although no further information has been provided about it. And, in the same way, complaints had to be made again to the tourist in a health crisis. In total 3 belonging to other autonomous communities.

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