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Thirteen new musicians will join the band in the concert of Santa Cecilia

November 19 from 2013 - 00: 01

The Artistic Musical Group of Denia works intensely to offer one more year its concert of Santa Cecilia. It is a very important day for all the musicians because it is their patron, and this year it will be even more for the thirteen musicians who will join the band.

Next Saturday 23 in November, at 20: 30 hours, the Social Center will witness the premiere of Isabel Alonso (Saxo), Alfonso Benlloch (flute), Adrià Ivars (trombone), Victor Llorens (trumpet), Alba Martínez (clarinet ), María Olivencia (trumpet), Laura Pacheco (oboe), Tonet Puigcerver (Alto Sax), Zaira Serra (clarinet), Belén Seizak (bassoon), Joel Vives (trombone), Josep Bolufer (cello), and Javier Cornelo (clarinet) ).

New musicians 2014

The director Frank de Vuyst will guide the members of the band in a repertoire formed by the pieces:

Twilight spring (M. Gimeno)
October (Eric Whitacre)
First Suite (G. Holst)
The seasons (Philip Sparke)
1405 Der Brand Von Bern (Mario Bürki)

Tickets have a price of 1,5 euros for members and 3 euros for the rest of the public.

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