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Workers of the Dénia Hospital ask for more health guarantees and criticize the statements of the Consellera

26 March 2020 - 15: 40

The Marina Salud Company Committee has sent a statement to show its discomfort both for the words of its manager and for Ana Barceló, Minister of Health.

Regarding the words of management, who announced that "the company has sufficient PPE", the Committee questions whether these are sufficient and more adequate to be able to confront such a contagious disease with guarantees. "To guarantee the health and well-being of the population, it is necessary that health personnel are not contagious and are available to fulfill their mission in the fight against this violent disease. That is why we are so concerned about whether there are sufficient protective suits, if are properly distributed among the workers and if they really are adequate ", declare the hospital workers.

In the same way, they ask to know how the reinforcement of personnel to combat the pandemic will be faced, being its center outside the Stock Exchange of the Ministry. "We need to know what solutions they are going to give to replace the professionals who fall ill. As well as sufficient information on all the contingency plans and the containment methods that will be used".

And not only towards management, but they also address the Minister, Ana Barceló, for her words in which she insinuated that the infected toilets were infected for external reasons and not for the development of their work. Barceló quickly rectified his speech, apologizing to those who might be offended. Sorry that from the Hospital de Dénia They accept but without denying how blushing their statements were.

"It shows that he is completely unaware of the magnitude of the problem at hand and what is the human quality of the staff working for the Ministry of Health", points out the Committee, to which it adds: "You should know that here we have been exposed daily in our workplace, to an invisible disease, with hardly enough protective material. It is outrageous that with the workload and complications that we are all encountering, you have the occurrence of make those statements, no matter how much you later recant. "

  1. Andrea Martha Brumm says:

    Ein grosses Dankeschön an das gesamte medizinische Personal für euren beispielslosen Einsatz, trotz Querelen mit der
    Leitung des KKH. Sie sollten sich schämem ihre Verantwortung nach unten abzuwälzen.
    Warum werden die Krankenhäuser nicht alle verstaatlicht zugänglich für alle Patienten egal wie voll ihr Geldbeutel
    und Nationaität. Gemeinsam ohne Proviteinnahmendenken bzw. Sparmassnahmen so kann man nur so eine
    Krise bewältigen und wir müssen lernen auch die Regierungsleitung das so eine Epedemie immer wieder auftreten kann.

    Lernt bitte daraus und handelt im Sinne für alle Beschäftigten im Gesundheitswesen und für alle Patienten

  2. Xelo Momparler says:

    In these delicate moments that we are going through the COVID19, it is when we most need that the Denia Hospital is not in private hands.
    We want the Denia Hospital to be Public Health now!

  3. Manoli rye via 27 says:

    Shameful without more. With leaders is this horn that we can expect?
    As for the Denia hospital, how many non-"privatized" hospitals have been reinforced to the same extent?
    Despite the politicians we are going to win this battle

  4. Paco says:

    When the wave comes upon us the hospital will collapse in two days and the company that manages this hospital will wash its hands as it always does
    It is time for the Generalitat to throw them into the fucking street and go to public administration. They can do it, we are in a state of alarm, and when this happens, they will be held accountable. A great shame

  5. Erich Schreiner says:

    Meinen Respekt und meine Hochachtung für die aufopferungsvolle Arbeit der Mitarbeiter des Krankenhauses.
    Mein Missfallen an das Management und Frau Ana Barcelo, Probleme mit dem üblichen Schema der „Hackordnung“ nach Unten, an die Mitarbeiter des Krankenhauses zu geben.
    Dies entspricht weder einem guten Personalführungsstil noch moralischen Grundsätzen.
    Die Mitarbeiter des Krankenhauses sollten sich von dieser Unfähigkeit bestimmter Vorgesetzten nicht beirren lassen.

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