Toni Soler and Maite Rodriguez were the dominators of the Fourth Marathon Dénia

12 December 2016 - 18: 04

While the output test gave Half Marathon, athletes covered the marathon room, ie, the 10.000 meters ran. Participation in this distance was 301 athletes who enjoyed much of an appropriate path to lower marks.

Toni Soler Fourth Marathon winner

The xabiero athlete, Toni Soler, made good use of the pace set by his team-mate, Youssef Ahatach, to be placed in the group header. Very close to Soler was a group commanded by the Carlos Heredero dianense where Héctor Martin was also. This group was the clear dominator of the test until arriving at the last kilometers where Soler changed its pace, arriving alone at the finish line.

Toni Soler won with a mark of 36.19, while Héctor Martínez who entered the second place used a time of 37..33. The third classified was, Carlos Heredero with a record of 37.28.

Maite Rodríguez winner of the Fourth Marathon

In women the test dominated with great clarity, Maite Rodriguez who managed to enter in goal with a time of 39.39. With more than three minutes of the winner arrived at goal, the second classified, Anna Berglino with a mark of 42.49. The third to cross the arrival was, Yolanda Jiménez with registration of 46.03.


Junior Fem.

ª 1 Tania Navarro 49.39
ª 2 Naila Pérez 50.12
ª 3 Rocío Martínez 54.49

Juniors Mas.

1 º Miquel Piera 40.09
2 º Eduardo Díaz 41.03
3 º Jack Devenish 43.45

Senior Fem.

ª 1 Alba López 46.42
ª 2 Jennifer Wood 47.28
ª 3 Patricia Castañeda 47.46

Senior Mas.

1 º Toni Soler 36.19
2 º Carlos Heredero 37.28
3 º Dani Cano 38.16

Veteranas A

ª 1 Maite Rodríguez 39.38
ª 2 Anna Berglino 42.49
ª 3 Aysa Berta 47.26


1 º Héctor Martín 37.33
2 º Humberto Chicaiza 37.56
3 º José Luis Alvárez 40.41

Veteranas B

ª 1 Yolanda Jiménez 46.03
ª 2 mayca Room 47.25
ª 2 Laurence Rastell 50.26

Veterans B

1 º Juanjo Burguera 40.44
2 º Antonio Masanet 41.13
3 º José Javier Vitoria 41-15

Veteranas C

ª 1 Cachita Challis 50.04
ª 2 Pepi Blanco 56.30
ª 3 Nuria Mira 56.35

veterans C

1 º Vicente Llopis 39.25
2 º Francisco López 44.24
3 º Juan Cristobal Díaz 45.39

Veteranas D

ª 1 Vicenta Bañuls 1: 04.26

veterans D

1 º Juan Llorca 56.44
2 º Oto Buhmann 57.58
3 º Pablo Camino 58.22

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