All the concerts and film sessions of this year's Bassetes Culture program

Start date: July 20, 2022
Finish date: August 24st, 2022
Event type: Other events
Site: Park of Les Bassetes
Schedule: 22: 30
Tickets: Free
Event finished

The Department of Culture has programmed, once again, activities for the summer nights in the park of Les Bassetes, in Marines. Under the banner "Culture a les Bassetes", musical performances and film sessions for a family audience will be held in the park, every Wednesday, between July 20 and August 24.

On the musical level, the programming focuses on popular and traditional music. It kicks off on July 27 with the XXIII Cantada d'Havaneres, which this year, exceptionally, abandons the traditional stage of the port to move to Les Bassetes and will star the group L'Espingari, from Montcada and Reixac (Barcelona). Born in 1982, he was sponsored by Nuria Feliu. His repertoire includes traditional, modern and self-composed habaneras, song of tavern and Mediterranean rhythms. With ten recorded albums, L'Espingari has collected numerous awards and distinctions throughout his long career.

On August 3, the public will enjoy the traditional music of Mozambique with the performance of Childo Tomás, in quartet formation, presenting the Nhamirre project. And the musical part of “Cultura a les Bassetes” will be closed by the charanga Toca't un ou, with its soiree and party music, on August 17th.

Three movies for the whole family

As for the film sessions, the films have been scheduled Mars Attacks!, directed by Tim Burton (July 20), To all train Destination Asturias, from Santiago Segura (August 10) and MontyPython. The Knights of the Square Table, directed by Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam (August 24).

All the activities of "Cultura a les Bassetes" will begin at 22:30 p.m.

  1. Pillar says:

    I agree with you, I am from Madrid but I live permanently in Dénia, I study Valencian, and I have a lot of respect. But that's right, they address the public in Valencian and the attendees automatically start to get up, leaving the artists almost alone. But they don't "get it."

  2. Mairead huurman says:

    Very sad Denia, last night most of the people listening were from other parts of Spain and abroad, but to the chagrin of many everything was spoken in a local language – visitors spend their money and time but the POWERS totally ignore the language of this country Spain, many were soon with sadness – tourism is not taken care of – the engine of Denia.