All current restrictions of the Valencian Community and their exceptions

January 25 from 2021 - 09: 36

The Generalitat Valenciana has published in the Official Gazette the new restrictions that come into force this Monday and that will accompany us until next February 15, this included. These, as we already announced, are the most restrictive since the house confinement last spring. At the height, certainly, of the also hard data of infections and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, and the high hospital pressure that threatens to collapse the system.

In these new measures, which come less than a week after the approval of the last one that, among other things, closed the hotel industry, highlights the limitation of social gatherings to 2 people in public spaces and the implicit prohibition of meetings in private spaces ( only allowed to cohabitants), as well as the perimeter confinement of large cities during weekends.

But there are always exceptions to these regulations, and the new restrictions are no exception. Below we review all the restrictions that are in force as of today, detailing how they will affect citizens.

Valencian Community Restrictions

  • Social gatherings in homes or spaces for private use, both indoors and outdoors, are limited to the same nucleus of coexistence. In other words, people who do not belong to the same address may not participate in said meetings.
  • In the public space –whether they are closed spaces or outdoors–, family or social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 2 people, unless they are cohabitants.
  • In both cases, the following exceptions apply: work or institutional meetings, activities in the educational field, the alternate coexistence of sons and daughters with non-cohabiting parents and care for vulnerable people (elderly, minors).
  • There are also two new exceptions that were not considered during home confinement. The first affects married couples or couples who live in separate homes, to which meetings are allowed, although it has not transpired how it will be controlled that they comply with the regulations. On the other hand, people who live alone may be part of another living unit. Each extended coexistence unit can only accommodate a single person living alone.
  • Confinement of municipalities with more than 50.000 inhabitants: the municipal perimeter confinement will be applied from 15:00 p.m. on Friday to 6:00 a.m. the following Monday.
  • Hospitality businesses, as well as bingo halls and betting houses, are prohibited from opening to serve on the premises. This restriction will last in principle until February 3, although while the service of these companies is allowed at home or to collect at the establishment and consume elsewhere.
  • The closing of shops is early at 18:00 in the afternoon. The commercial activity of the establishments and commercial premises dedicated to the essential commercial activity of food, hygiene, pharmacies, orthopedics, opticians, hairdressing services and veterinary centers, is excepted from the foregoing, only for the sale of said products, as well as departments dedicated to all the aforementioned activities that can be found inside the establishments.
  • The closure of sports facilities and centers is determined, except those destined to the practice of professional sports in official competitions. You may not practice physical activity or sport in sports centers, clubs, gyms, training centers, sports complexes, etc.
  • The restriction of night mobility, or curfew, is from 22:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m., since an agreement with Moncloa is not reached to advance the start of it at 20:00 p.m.
  • The perimeter confinement of the entire Valencian territory is maintained, so it is forbidden to leave or enter the Community without just cause until the end of the restrictions.
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