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May 12 from 2014 - 19: 02

Last week, the Traffic Department amended the law to include, modify and tighten up some of the sanctions.

These are the keys so that you know what is going to consist of:

Keys New Traffic Law

The new law toughens penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, so that amounts to 1.000 euros fine when the driver exceeds twice the allowed rate or is a repeat offender for testing positive in the last year.

For the rest of offenses related to alcohol in drivers 500 euros fine and removal from 4 and 6 license points is maintained.

New Traffic Law

driving with presence of drugs in the body it is prohibited. Therefore, the mere fact positive for drugs will be punished with 1.000 6 euros and loss of points. You driving under the influence of drugs remains a criminal offense.

Controls to all
From now on all road users, including pedestrians, they are required to undergo alcohol tests and drugs when they are involved in an accident or have committed an offense.

It can immobilize a vehicle without child restraint systems. And buses and trucks when the driver lacks the appropriate permission.

Overtaking cyclists
The motor vehicle forward to one or more cyclists should leave a lateral separation of at least 1,50 meters and will occupy the opposite lane. You can not march forward when the cyclists, whether moving in the same direction as in the opposite hindrance.

No radar detectors
The new law expressly prohibits the use of radar detectors. The penalty shall be EUR 200 3 and withdrawal points. prohibiting the use of radar inhibitors it is also maintained.

Animal abuse
Traffic accidents caused by the abuse of huntable species are, in general, responsibility of drivers, except when the abuse is a direct consequence of an action game. Then the charge will be the owner of the land. And if the problem is due to poor fencing or lack of signage, the responsibility will rest with the holder of the road.

20 days to pay off
The deadline to pay fines with the 50 percent discount is extended.

A 130 not yet
The new law opens the possibility for future change of speed limit on certain roads and circumstances. However, that article is pending development in the forthcoming reform of the regulation of movement. Therefore, the maximum speed limit in Spain is still 120 kilometers per hour.

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