Do you have more than 60 years and want to learn how to use your smartphone? Sign up for Cyber ​​Arena courses

17 July 2019 - 13: 38

En Cyber ​​Arena They are passionate about the latest technologies. And to make them accessible to everyone, they launch a free initiative: open workshops so that 60 seniors can manage their smartphone.

You will learn the basics of using a smartphone:

-Use the agenda and contacts
-Make photos and videos
-Listen to music
-Install applications
-Use WhatsApp

You can ask questions and learn from others. They will be participatory workshops in which they will help you to catch up.

The courses will be held every Saturday between the 27 in July and the 31 in August, at the 18: 00 in the afternoon, at the local Cyber ​​Arena on Avenida de Alicante number 7.

Upgrade for free with these informative workshops. If you have any questions, call Cyber ​​Arena at 96 643 26 20.

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