Tamarit: "The investment in the improvement of schools and institutes in the Marina Alta will exceed 104 million"

November 29 from 2022 - 14: 58

The Minister Raquel Tamarit has visited the completed reform of the CEIP El Trinquet de Pedreguer and the expansion works of the CEIP Pou de la Muntanya de Dénia, which are already in their final stretch. These schools are part of the 44 educational centers of 18 municipalities of the Marina Alta in which the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport is investing a total of 74,6 million euros in improvement works and construction of new centers.

During the visit to Pedreguer, Raquel Tamarit was accompanied by the Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Aitana Mas, and by the Mayor of Pedreguer, Sergi Ferrús. On the visit to Dénia, she has been accompanied by the mayor, Vicent Grimalt.

"It is a pleasure to come to the Marina Alta and see on the ground the improvements in school infrastructure for the educational communities of CEIP El Trinquet de Pedreguer and CEIP Pou de la Muntanya de Dénia", highlighted Raquel Tamarit, and added: " It is an example of how the construction and improvement of schools and institutes in collaboration with the town halls give very positive results for quality public education”.

In this sense, the Ministry has advanced that "investment in the improvement of schools and institutes in the Marina Alta will soon exceed 104 million, since we will soon award 30 million more euros from the Edificant plan to build both the new Public Integrated Center of Professional Training (CIPFP) Gent de Mar in the port of Dénia as the Professional Conservatory of Music Tenor Cortis, also in the capital of the region.

With regard to the CEIP El Trinquet de Pedreguer, the department headed by Raquel Tamarit has invested 1,1 million euros in a reform that, in addition to reinforcing the building structure and modernizing the kitchen, has included the improvement both the accessibility of the center, through the installation of two elevators and ramps, as well as the energy efficiency of the building, since the windows have been changed and the air conditioning equipment and heating boiler have been renewed.

Regarding the action that is being carried out in the CEIP Pou de la Muntanya in Dénia, with an investment of 2,5 million euros by the Ministry of Education, it will end with the separation of the school in two different locations. In order for the center to have all its facilities unified, a new Infant classroom is being built that will have two classrooms for 2-year-olds and six for 3-5-year-olds.

The intervention in the CEIP Pou de la Muntanya, which also includes works to improve the energy efficiency of the center and the renovation of the sports courts and the playground, is entering its final stretch and the forecast is that it will be finished at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Nine newly built centers in the region

The investment of 104 million euros that the department of Minister Tamarit has planned in the Marina Alta includes the construction of 9 completely new educational centers.

Of these 9 actions, one is already finished, which is the CEIP La Xara de Dénia, which opened its doors in January 2021, which put an end to the provisionality that this school lived, until then entirely in structural barracks. The other great work that is nearing completion is the new Xaló school institute.

The CEIP Ausiàs March in Els Poblets, the CEIP Graüll in Jávea and the two specific centers for Special Education in the region: the CEE Raquel Payà in Dénia and the CEE Gargasindi in Calp. In all cases, the actions are already delegated to the town halls by the Ministry.

To all this will be added shortly the proposal for the delegation of powers to the Dénia City Council for the construction of the Tenor Cortis Professional Conservatory of Music on a municipal plot, which will have an investment of approximately 15 million euros by the Ministry.

Regarding the creation of new centers and their construction, we must highlight the second institute of Calp, IES No. 2, where Education invests close to 13 million euros, and the new CIPFP Gent de Mar in the port of Dénia, center that will be built with an investment of close to 15 million euros by the Ministry and that will house in the future the degrees of the professional families of Commerce and Marketing and Maritime-fishing.

651.000 euros of investment to install solar panels in six institutes

At the same time, the Ministry of Education is managing the 'ZERO, proximity energy' program with the aim of installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the 360 ​​Valencian public institutes, which will provide 100% electricity to these centers and, in addition, will create surplus electricity for municipalities.

During the second quarter of 2023, photovoltaic solar panels will begin to be installed on the roofs of 114 institutes, including 6 in the Marina Alta: IES Ifach de Calp, IES Matemàtic Vicent Caselles de Gata, IES Sorts de la Mar and Maria Ibars of Dénia, the IES Pedreguer and the IES La Mar de Jávea.

Therefore, already in this first phase, half of the public institutes in the region will be equipped with clean photovoltaic energy, with a global investment of 651.000 euros by the Ministry. These facilities will mean economic savings of more than 50.000 euros per year on the electricity bill for each of these six institutes.

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