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Valencian supermarkets begin to sell disposable masks

May 07 from 2020 - 13: 18

Masks have become, in this health crisis, the most precious asset of many. So much so that we could almost consider them a luxury product. Now, not because of the price of these, since it was regulated in time, but because of how difficult it is becoming to get hold of them.

Dianenses pharmacies, as they told us about this medium a few days ago, are having more and more problems to resupply. And not only that, but the companies that distribute these products themselves do not have sufficient stock or know when they will have more.

Now, where there is a need, companies quickly rush to fill it, creating a new market. And the EPIs, without a doubt, will be one of the most powerful in the coming months.

For this reason, companies that previously did not pay attention to these products due to lack of demand now realize their existence and are quick to offer these new "basic necessities" on their shelves. This is the case of the Valencian supermarket chain Mercadona, which has announced that from next Thursday, May 14, it will incorporate into its assortment, under the Deliplus brand, non-reusable hygienic masks in a pack of 10 units at a sale price.
from 6 euros the pack.

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  1. Feancisco says:

    Our mayor still does not hear the winsurfers of the Marina Alta and prohibits them from practicing what does not happen with those who reside in the urban core. It is enough of privileges and marginalization that the Marina Alta pays its taxes like everyone else. Mr. Mayor, think about those who voted for you and do not take away those granted by the government.

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