How much do Dénia politicians earn? So are the salaries of the government and the opposition

November 19 from 2022 - 08: 26

This week interest in the salaries of politicians in the Marina Alta after the publication by the newspaper LaMarinaAlta.com of what the mayors of each municipality charged.

In Dénia, beyond what the mayor charges, we also know the remuneration of each member of the government. In the same way, the salaries of the opposition are also public for the whole world.

Annual remuneration of councilors

Thanks to the transparency portal of the Dénia City Council, in fact, this information can be accessed, being totally public. These are the remunerations shown that the representatives obtained gross in the last financial year, 2021:

CouncilorGameGross remuneration 2021
Vicent Grimalt boronatPSPV54652,69
Óscar Mengual GomisPSPV17668
Maria Josep Ripoll BerenguerPSPV50000,02
Francesc Josep Rosello SirerolPSPV24000
Maria Teresa Perez ConejeroPSPV50000,02
Javier Guy Scotto di Tella ManresaPSPV50000,02
Elisabet Cardona AlmiñanaPSPV24076
Raúl David García of the Reina MartínezPSPV24000
Alexandra Gertrudix SanchezPSPV25253,96
Jose Domenech MahiquesPSPV18074,1
Melania Ivars RojasPSPV47916,69
Juan Sapena LinaresPSPV14420
Rafael Carrió CompanyCompromís12710
Eva Maria Ronda IvarsCompromís9590
Vicente Jose Crespo FeminiaCompromís9480
María Mut mesquidaPP12520
Jose Antonio Cristobal RoigPP11370
Eva Elisabet Catala IvarsPP9320
Susana Mut AlemanyCiudadanos13200
Estefanía Schwamb MartínezCiudadanos11610
Mario Vidal SastreGent of Dénia18680
  1. Pillar says:

    But that salary is that of the Mayor, look at the salary of the rest of the team! It's public! I also think that of course they should charge, but they could do more! Citizens do not complain about vice! !! ABANDONED WE ARE!!!

    • faustino says:

      Well, the people have the last word: When you go to cast your vote, you think about it, which is the most democratic thing to do. We know that in the campaign a lot of smiles, a lot of hands, later I don't even remember. When you vote, do not do it with a heart full of nostalgia, but with your self-criticism, which you expose here. In any case, in politics, in small/medium-sized towns, the candidate is voted for, not the party, and there are always more hard-working people than others. Keep it in mind. Goodbye.

  2. July says:

    Public officials must have decent salaries. That is a guarantee of impartiality. Or we want developers and builders to give them under the table, like all life!

  3. Toni says:

    But why are there so many variations?

    • faustino says:

      Hi Tony, it's very simple. It depends on the time you dedicate to the service, but it is always quantified and regulated by whoever has the absolute majority, that is, whoever has the most support charges more since they are the ones who authorize it. That's how it is. If they decide to go up, they go up, if someone decides to go down, they lock him up for being crazy! They don't even lower their shirt sleeves. Politicians are where people stay in office the longest since the salary is good, safe and substantial... Look in the US, the politicians who become presidents, except for some like Obama, are yayos but yayos...... And there they are. Bdays

  4. Luis says:

    What are these big money fluctuations due to? Some councilors up to €50.000 and another €9320? Can you detail exactly why?

  5. Pete says:

    Anything that charges more than €1 is a real robbery. His management is disastrous, from scratch and that's how his wages should be. Zero potato.

    • faustino says:

      Pete, that's not it either. Everyone likes to be rewarded for their work, even if it is altruistic, even with kisses, thanks, etc. In any case, one thing happens in politics, and more so in towns: When a citizen dares to stand for a party, even all your life you have been from one or the other, half the town no longer speaks to you, or very little, but, with the passage of time if when one of YOURS goes, do you understand me? You don't do what he wants or it doesn't work out the way he wants, simply because what he asks of you can't be done at his whim, he doesn't talk to you anymore, he's not one of yours anymore… Shit. Hahahaha

  6. tone says:

    600000 thousand euros a year is obscene in a town like denia and poor jesus and the xara these gentlemen got the fat the day they were elected on top of that they raised their salary because those of pp also went up Democrats of the pasta try to live with 800 euros and they will know how those who voted for them live, long live the pastorocracy

  7. Jose Luis says:

    Meanwhile, the mosquitoes eat the people, because of the dirt in the streams, and the residents of Asagador de la Marjar continue to risk our lives with the sidewalk of the car park of the stallholders (there is no money to fix this step).

  8. July says:

    Shame on others! To have the town as you have it
    baby what are you doing?

    • IgnacioG says:

      Enjoy the pasta. Some have more than one position, that would also be interesting to know. How many charges do each have, how much is the charge plus the supplements and “per diems” they receive.

    • Jose Luis says:

      It's very clear, get paid every month, I don't know if they'll show up at the town hall, or they'll pay for it without bothering you in the slightest, just when they need to vote for something, there's more than half left over.? But that's what we have , every four years to the street to greet the citizens.

      • Christian says:

        Thieves with a tie, earn money without doing the slightest thing for the good of the citizen, the benefits are for their own pockets and for friends and family, since more than one will be favored.

    • Dani says:

      Incredible 50000 euros for a town of 42000 inhabitants and on top of that everything is disastrous, I have not seen a city or town with worse roads, all badly patched, huge potholes, etc.
      No lighting as soon as you leave the center, no facility to encourage bikes or scooters since there is almost no bike lane and you risk it when you do not want to use the car. 4 rains fall and everything is flooded due to lack of planning.
      Very expensive ibi taxes.
      In short, without defining myself by any political party, the management is disastrous, they only focus on fields and adjacent streets.