Stirling Ackroyd Spain presents Ecowall the home of the future

November 02 from 2018 - 00: 53

A new concept of design and construction comes from the hand of Stirling Ackroyd Spain to present homes adapted to the new times. These new homes respect the environment and also offer numerous advantages in terms of construction and experience.

Ecowall Integral

It is an integral constructive system, seismic resistant and with a thermal-acoustic insulation, of unbeatable features given its speed of execution, structural resistance and high comfort of use in the finished building.

As for construction, the system of load-bearing walls with insulation on their sides offer a complete structure of the building without the need to use walls. We also reduce labor costs, since the final delivery time is shortened.

With this innovative system also achieves greater versatility in the architectural design and construction. And in finishes, on the outside we find a facade with total absence of cracks, given the combination of this Ecowall system with an exterior mortar finish, with acrylic mortars and silicate paints.

Acoustic absorption

The acoustic abrsorción is one of the great advantages of this system. With the current construction with hollow brick we obtain only an acoustic absorption without coating of 45db, while with EcoWall we will have, without coating, 57 db. The same happens with other traditional systems such as the concrete block (44db) and the termoarcilla (52db).

Energy efficiency

In Stirling, they commit themselves to offer homes with optimal insulation that reduces thermal losses, producing very important savings in heating and cooling. This favors the obtaining of the maximum qualification in the energetic certificate of the buildings. Saving approximately 55% -70% with respect to traditional homes and reducing the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. All these homes are energy qualified with type A +.

If you want to enjoy the great advantages of Ecowall-Integral, inform yourself in more detail in Stirling Ackroyd Spain, call them on the phone 965 78 28 00.

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