Perfect smile with a fast and long-lasting treatment at Clínica Estética Castelblanque

16 July 2020 - 08: 30

If you have a gingival smile, in which you show a lot of the gums, in Aesthetic Clinic Castelblanque They have a quick, almost painless solution that lasts a year: hyaluronic acid. You want to know more? Here they show you their latest success story.

Hyaluronic acid gives excellent results in that type of smile in which the gums are seen a lot, because the lips are outlined and filled in such a way that the patient with a gingival smile lifts the upper lip less and shows less gum when smiling. Of course, always looking for you to feel comfortable.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid in your smile

The lip filler with hyaluronic acid provides a natural effect, so that you continue to feel yourself. Enhances gingival smiles and plumps lips. What do we get? Volume, sophistication and natural hydration: irresistible lips.

You dare? Feliz Feel happy smiling. Contact Castelblanque Aesthetic Clinic on the phone 96 642 15 49. They are in the Calle Marques de Campo 46, 4th floor, door 9 (Oficampos Building). And make your smile shine!

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