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Are electronic cigarettes safe? Xàbia Vaps clarifies your doubts

January 17 from 2020 - 08: 00

If you have questions about liquids and their ingredients, Xàbia Vaps It has valuable information for you, and is put at your disposal to explain everything you need.

The ingredients of vaping liquids used in Europe are fully regulated by legislation and are made known to the Spanish Ministry of Health and the European Commission in Brussels. Europe, and therefore Spain, have the strictest international regulations on the composition, quality, safety and consumption of electronic cigarettes. This information, important for you as a vaper, is given by the Union of Promoters and Entrepreneurs of Vaping (UPEV).

Why vaping is considered less harmful than normal tobacco

The United Kingdom Ministry of Health and multiple international studies state that the use of electronic cigarettes for nicotine use It is 95% less harmful than conventional tobacco. It is clear that the component of electronic cigarettes that is considered most harmful to health is nicotine, followed by vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (these two substances are allowed for consumption and can be found many times in the food and pharmaceutical industry ). The nicotine content of electronic cigarettes is designed to help the smoker completely replace tobacco and can gradually be reduced. In this way, the electronic cigarette becomes a great possibility to quit tobacco. From UPEV they want to remember that, in any case, electronic cigarettes should only be used by adults who are already smokers.

If you want personal and detailed information, the manager of Xàbia Vaps, Toñi Bisquert, will be happy to talk to you. Xàbia Vaps is on Mª Rosa Guardiola street, next to the Jávea bus station. You can also call 627 711 575.

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