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Only 40 new cases of coronavirus in the community: the minimum since confinement

27 2020 April - 12: 16

The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has updated the information on the incidence of coronavirus in the Valencian Community. There have been a total of 6.317 discharges (74 since the update this Sunday): 777 in the province of Castellón, 2.391 in the province of Alicante and 3.149 in the province of Valencia.

Since last Monday, there have been a total of 1.688 discharges, representing an increase of 36,5%. In addition, the number of people who have already overcome the disease in the Valencian Community represents more than 55% of all positive cases.

On the other hand, 40 new positive cases have been detected, the same figure that was registered on March 14 and the lowest since March 17, bringing the total of positive cases to 11.412, of which they are active in these moments 3.901, which represents around 34% of all positives since the start of the pandemic.

Of the total, 763 are admitted to the hospital and 149 of them in the ICU. In the last 7 days, ICU admissions have decreased by almost 32% and hospital admissions by about 27%. In addition, it is the day on which the fewest hospital admissions for coronavirus occurred: 18.

Of the 40 new positive cases, 5 are in the province of Castellón, 11 in that of Alicante and 24 in that of Valencia.

By provinces, the total number of positive cases is 1.596 in the province of Castellón, 641 active (94 hospitalized, 15 of them in the ICU), 3.834 in the province of Alicante, 1.009 active (185 hospitalized and 60 of them in the ICU), and 5.982 in the province of Valencia, 2.251 assets (484 hospitalized and 74 of them in the ICU).

To date there have been a total of 1.194 deaths in the Valencian Community: 178 in the province of Castellón, 434 in Alicante and 582 in Valencia.

The tests that have given a negative result so far are 100.060 (80.984 through PCR and 19.076 through rapid tests).

Updating the situation in residences

The consellera has also updated the situation of the residences of the Valencian Community. There are currently positive cases in 92 centers (16 in the province of Castellón, 19 in that of Alicante and 57 in the province of Valencia).

Currently, 33 residences in the Valencian Community are under active sanitary control surveillance:

· 9 in the province of Castellón

· 9 in the province of Alicante

· 15 in the province of Valencia

1 Comment
  1. Marcel August says:

    More or less 200 cases and 8 deaths in the region of half a million people.
    How sad that half a million people in the region are at home with a weakened immune system after 7 weeks without sun, without movement and with fear. How sad that the economy is destroyed. How sad that many are bankrupt. How sad that many young people now have trauma for the rest of their lives.

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