Outstanding for the “Educant per a previndre” school

February 19 from 2020 - 09: 40

The Department of Addiction Prevention, through the UPCCA (Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behaviors), has organized a new edition of the School of mothers and fathers 'Educant per a previndre' during the months of January and February of this year .

The conclusion took place on February 12 with the participation of the Councilor for Addiction Prevention, Melani Ivars, who presented the certificates of assistance to the participants.

From this school of mothers and fathers it is transmitted, year after year, and twenty-one editions go, that the family is the fundamental pillar for a good family prevention and the mothers and fathers are invited to analyze their educational style to favor a family communication in a climate of trust, dialogue and affection from childhood.

However, it is necessary to prepare before possible approximations to the children's consumption or / and, if these are abusive, improper or problematic, it is necessary to act effectively and redirect the situation as best as possible. From the family, the social skills of the youngest of the house must be strengthened, making them socially competent.

In the school of fathers and mothers, the eye has also been put on the responsible use of new technologies, taking into account that they are very good tools, as long as the use is appropriate

Five sessions have been held from January 15 to February 12, at the premises of the IES Historiador Chabàs de Dénia, on Wednesdays 15, 22, January 29 and February 5, 12, from 19:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. In the overall calculation of the sessions, a total of 55 mothers and fathers participated and an average of 25 people attended each session between mothers, fathers, adolescents and professionals.

In the last session an evaluation questionnaire was passed on the incidence of the course, the results of which are the following:

  • They have expanded their knowledge: 9'0
  • More interest to talk with his sons and daughters (about addictions and ICT): 9'1
  • They are safer and more trained: 9'4
  • Now they have more tools to address the issue: 8'7
  • The contents worked seem interesting: 9'4
  • The content treated is useful at the educational level: 9'6
  • Active participation: 9'2
  • The exhibitions have been clear and intelligible: 9'4
  • Useful material: 9'5
  • Organization: 9'5
  • Local conditions: 9'0
  • Time adjustment: 8'6
  • Expectations: 9'4
  • Professional speakers: 9'8
  • Overall rating: 9'4

The participating fathers and mothers have assessed the contents worked during the sessions in a very positive way, expressing that they have found them interesting and have learned how to extract their usefulness at the educational level. They have also positively assessed that the exposures have been clear and intelligible, using a useful and accessible support material. Regarding the organization and the professionalism of the speakers, they have expressed high satisfaction. And finally, attendees value the final result of the school and how they met the expectations they had when participating.

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