Addictions Syndrome

Urbanization Bahía de Jávea, 7 (between Vía Augusta and Genoa streets), Jávea. See map
646 80 89 58
Group therapies: Monday and Thursday from 18 p.m. to 20 p.m.
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Addictions Syndrome, is a center specialized in the treatment of addictions, with a multidisciplinary team formed by psychologists and therapists trained and experienced in the treatment and recovery of addictions.

Alcohol, cocaine and gambling addictions

In Syndrome, the patient is supervised by a team of professionals specialized in the treatment of addictions to alcohol, cocaine and ludopathy. All their treatments are personalized, after a first visit completely free and without obligation, they perform a patient assessment and inform them of the best treatment for their specific case.

In Addictions Syndrome they move away from the type and general programs to bet on personalized treatments with high patient follow-up and supporting families. With this, they achieve greater social adaptation, reduce service costs for the patient and obtain magnificent recovery results.

Center in Jávea: a cozy environment

Syndrome Addictions opens its new center in Jávea, where they perform all kinds of individual and group therapies, also for English-speaking people. In a cozy place, a quiet environment where you can carry out the entire process that guarantees maximum success.

Group therapies will be held every Monday and Thursday from 18 pm to 20 pm.

Javier Carbonell, Addictions Syndrome Professional

Javier Carbonell has a personal experience in overcoming addictions. In addition, it has a team that combines therapists who have overcome addiction as well as specialized psychologists and doctors.

He also has a Master in Addictive Behavior from the University of Valencia, a postgraduate in Emotional Rational Therapy from the RET Institute in Barcelona and the Diploma of Advanced Training on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York, and Master in Gestalt psychology.

Do you have an addiction? Would you like to be helped to overcome it? Contact with Addictions Syndrome at 646 80 89 58 and visit his consultation at Bahía de Jávea Urbanization, 7 (between Vía Augusta and Genoa streets), Jávea.


Urbanization Bahía de Jávea, 7 (between Vía Augusta and Genoa streets), Jávea. -

  1. Javier says:

    In principle, the sessions will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 18 p.m. to 20 p.m. You can contact us via mobile 646 80 89 58. Greetings

  2. Moncef says:

    Is it open every day?

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