Coronavirus infections continue to plummet in Dénia while the number of deaths grows

February 12 from 2021 - 10: 11

The Ministry of Health publishes again, as every Friday, updated coronavirus data by health departments and municipalities. These add up the results of the PCR tests performed between Tuesday and Thursday.

The downward trend is repeated in the Dénia health department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends. Since Tuesday, 258 new cases have been registered, 200 less than during the same period last week. However, of the 9.227 total cases, 917 remain active, so the accumulated incidence is still too high, 533,94 infections per 100.000 inhabitants, although it continues to decrease every day.

Now, not all is good news. The number of deaths with coronavirus increases again, as Health predicted that it would occur, registering 10 new cases, 3 of them in Dénia. In total, there are already 152 deaths in the Marina Alta positive for COVID-19.

Dénia continues to reduce its number of daily infections, approaching data prior to the third wave. In this update it has registered 61 new infections, which are added to the already 2.929 positives recorded since last March. At this time, 246 cases remain active, so the incidence drops to 583,41 infections per 100.000 inhabitants.

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