Seven presidents present their commissions for the year 2014

20 March 2013 - 03: 02

Day San José also left us in the world fallero new names: those who will hold the presidency in seven of the commissions. The event, first held in the arcades of the city council, became festive unaconcentración in which all falleros and falleras celebrated the arrival of the new charges.

The first to arrive were the members of the commission of Diana, who presented his new presidnete, José Luis Sabater Moya. In his third year at fault, Sabater accepted the top job of his failure, taking over from Roberto Martí.

Les Roques He also presented a new president: Jordi Bertomeu Aledo, which has a broad curriculum of over 20 years in failure, during which he has held positions as senior vice president or delegate of festivities.

La Falla West He has chosen to lead the commission over the next year to David Ochoa Pérez, a young fallero who has been linked to the commission for more than 24 years in which he has done "everything".

Tere Vallalta, who already was president in 2008, repeat this year Darrere charge of Castell, commission to which it belongs since 9 years. Tere also was Fallera Mayor of Dénia in 1985 and came accompanied by what will be his faller, Noelia Alcaide.

The next to arrive at the town hall square were members Port RotesWith its new president, Jorge Lemos Mengual, head. Jorge accepts the position after more than 20 years belonging to the maritime commission.

Camp Roig also did the homework and elected new president: Pedro GAVILA He will hold office for the next year after a life linked to failures and one year as a member of the commission.

Finally, although they did not arrive in time to the Town Hall Square, the Falla Center presented at the nighttime mascletà its President 2014: Fernando Reig Mascarell, who after the failure 33 years and having been part of the presidency this year, accepted the position of president 2014.

saladar, Paris Pedrera, Campaments and Baix la Mar will be announced in the near future the names of their presidents 2014.

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