If you are a hunter, avoid trichinosis with the analysis of game meat from Laboratorios González

January 11 from 2021 - 10: 27

En laboratories González perform Trichina analysis by the artificial digestion method in game meat: this method simulates the digestion conditions of the stomach and a filtrate is obtained that contains, if present, Trichina larvae. It is the only analysis allowed by Regulation 2015/1375.

La trichinosis It is a parasitic disease that occurs when eating meat with larvae of the parasite. Cause symptom gastrointestinal such as diarrhea, and also muscle and joint pain.

To handle game meat, basic hygiene rules must be followed, among which are the use of gloves and great caution when eviscerating (removing the viscera) and controlling waste. The hunter must not leave animal remains in the field, so that they are not consumed by other wild boars and thus the parasitosis is maintained; they should also avoid being eaten by dogs and cats. And of course, it is very important to take the samples to the laboratory and wait for the result.

How are game meat samples collected?

Instructions for collecting samples for analysis are:

  • The minimum weight of the sample must be 100 grams per animal, and they must be separated by different animals
  • Neither fat nor liver serve as samples
  • If you cannot deliver them the same day they are taken, keep them refrigerated
  • The rest of the meat should not be handled until the test result is known.

Laboratorios González is at Calle Vicent Andrés Estellés 2, 1º. Contact them on the phone +965 780 290.

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