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If you are looking for employment advice in Dénia, trust Aguilar Consultores

17 September 2019 - 13: 44

En Aguilar Consultants they are professionals in constant adaptation to the changes that occur in society and in the economic and legal environment. For this reason, so that you do not have to worry about the legal changes that affect the personnel of your company, in Aguilar Consultores they help you in the administration and management of your staff, and in any need that may arise in the socio-labor area .

Payroll Management and Social Security

In Aguilar Consultores they offer you advice in the following areas related to payroll and Social Security:

  • Reception and study of monthly incidents
  • Preparation and payroll management
  • Calculation and preparation of Social Security
  • Contracts and bonuses
  • Withholding calculation and filing of taxes
  • Certificate Request
  • Labor Advice

    These are the specific points on labor advice where they can help you:

  • Audit and review of personnel management processes
  • inspections
  • Layoffs
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Retirement
  • Disabilities
  • Pensions
  • Immigration

    All issues related to foreigners are analyzed and solutions are sought:

  • Regulations
  • Extensions
  • Residence permits

  • In Aguilar Consultores they work with rigor and making the client feel confident. If, in addition to labor advice, you need tax, financial and accounting advice, advice on inheritance and donations or adaptation to the GDPR (new European Data Protection Regulation), contact them. Call 96 578 82 72. They are on Diana Street, 6, 3º (Female Passage). They are experts in comprehensive advice: they have more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

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