Sergio Alberola was the best place in the XII Swim across Sant Roc

15 September 2015 - 09: 36

With a time of 1: 23: 21, the Dianense participating as an independent Sergio Alberola It was the first store to make 5.000 meters Swim across XII Sant Roc which was held last weekend at the beach of L'Estanyó.

The test, scheduled for last August 4 as part of the program of festivities in honor of Sant Roc, had to be postponed due to inclement weather, and could finally be held on Saturday September 12 in the same place.

In 5.000 meters absolute champion was José Luis Larrosa, Swimming Club Tennis Elche, who set a time of 01: 09: 32, followed by Marta Cano, the Real Canoe NC, with a time of 01: 09: 36 and Joaquín Pereda, who finished the test at 01: 10: 59.

After Alberola, the best places were Víctor Bahamonde, the Running Gin Tonic ClubWith 01: 31: 11; and Gonzalo Durà, who finished the course in 01: 32: 01.

Best places in 5000 meters

In 1.500 meters the winner was Javier Ronda Bou, from the Elche Tennis Swimming Club, with a time of 21: 13; followed by Sara Vazquez, from NIE Gandía, who scored a time for 21: 37 and Joel Richart, of the CN L'Alcúdia, who finished the test in 21: 41.

Pablo Pérez, the CN Denia, was the best location in 1.500 with a time of 23: 13, followed by teammates Adrián Martínez, with a time of 23: 21 and José Carlos Rubio, who finished in 25: 49.

Carmen Medina, The Multiesport Marina Alta, with a time of 27: 48, was the first local fémina in this test, followed by her teammate Elisa García, Who finished three seconds. Ana Llorca, the CN Denia was the best place third cruise with a time of 29: 10.

Best local féminas

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