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Be a mother

May 02 from 2011 - 01: 43

I never imagined that "Being a Mother" would change my life ...
From the moment that your huge blue eyes met mine, you stopped crying ... your mouth, your nose, your eyebrows ... they were so perfect !!! ; Your little big hands holding my fingers ... in that instant, you turned my life around.
How to imagine how great suffering was going to be transformed into such an immense gift !!!
Your skin on my bare skin overflowed with emotion while you were breastfeeding after a few breaths at birth.
There are so many feelings that since then you have awakened in me !!!: tenderness, love, love, passion, fear of not knowing how to take care of you, of losing you, uncertainty of what will come, illusion to give you my love ...
I never imagined being able to love you so much, of giving my life for you.
I look at you without getting tired, and I'm still crying with emotion, because there are moments when I still don't think you're mine ... I look at you when you sleep, when you play, when you laugh, when you cry, when you talk to me ... I adore you with passion.
My heart overflows when you are not there and I think of you, because I wait impatiently to kiss you, pamper you, caress you, hug you, punch you ... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!
I never imagined that you would change my life like this ... and now that you are with me I cannot imagine my life without you.

To my daughter Paula
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know what "Being a Mother" is.

To all those mothers who already are or think of being ... tell you that "Being a Mother" is not an easy path, but it is very, very, very ... rewarding.
Sleepless nights, waking hours, worrying if we don't do things right ... is not enough reason to eclipse the immense feeling of love that means "Being a Mother." Surely now many of you understand your mothers and their vocation of "absolute dedication."

For all those who want to share your experiences and concerns, and / or have the need to feel accompanied and supported in this journey of "Being mothers", know that we have created a support group for this purpose. Get informed!

Verónica Monsonís Far
Master in Clinical Psychology.
No. col. CV08093
Phone: 639.647.656
Emotica, espai de benestar

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  1. rosa20 says:

    Being a mother is the most beautiful thing in this life, your children are your life, if they are not you are not, if they are sick you are sick, if they are happy you are happy, they are your existence, or at least that It happens with my daughter, she is everything for me, it is my world, it is my madness.

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