Dénia Seprona

Service Protection of Nature (SEPRONA) is a specialized response of the Civil Guard destined to guarantee the right of citizens to enjoy an adequate environment and the duty to preserve it.

And the SEPRONA is responsible for ensuring the conservation of nature and environment, water resources, the wealth of species, fisheries, forestry any other related nature.

Since this service is combating waste and environmental pollution, illegal trade in protected species, hunting activities and illegal fishing, protection of natural spaces, prevention, research and firefighting.

The headquarters of this service is the Environmental Operational Central Unit (UCOMA), with which have territorial units in operation particularly important.

Address and phone

For a Civil Guard SEPRONA unit in Denia is located on the premises of the agency, on Avenida de Gandia number 27. To contact them you can call 96 578 00 37.

Guardia Civil Dénia


Avenida de Gandia, 27 -

  1. Juan Hurtado Quintana says:

    I found a gray parrot with a red tail, what should I do? I have it at home in a cage that I had to buy. Can I keep fixing the necessary papers? Thank you

  2. GMCh says:

    How to denounce the swarm burning?

    • Fernando LOPEZ Arroyo says:

      This is on duty court:
      I have a small house on Calle de San Joan, in the back and there is a natural ravine of Montgó.
      When I have come on vacation with the family, we have found that many of the Pines that will be about 30 years old and that run through this ravine have been mutilated from the top and left all the felling in the ravine with the consequent danger of fires and of floods An ecological disaster as they have left it.
      The garden company tells me that I have, that they believe they have been mercenaries paid for by the villas above, so that the views of the sea and its landscape complex do not bother them and I think it is right. It is outrageous it is saved.
      Here I leave the ecological murder.
      Where do I send the photos?

  3. Rafael Jerez says:

    Hi good morning my comment is a simple question for law Seprona and the question at issue is whether when you go to the beach to fish is forbidden to take three or four worms from the beach for use as bait.

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