Six adults denounced for not complying with the regulations for the departure of minors

27 2020 April - 10: 53

Yesterday was the first day of permission for those under 14 years of age to leave their homes for a walk. One day, arguably, of testing. Although many images of agglomerations were disseminated in the large capitals, in Dénia the police reported that the day proceeded normally.

However, there were still people who were denounced for breaching the new restrictions lighter than the previous fortnight. The rule is clear and has been constantly repeated: only one adult as a companion for minors. Ignorance is not sufficient justification to get rid of a sanction, more in these cases where the rules of these exits have been disseminated as active and passive.

During yesterday, 6 adults were sanctioned in the capital of Marina Alta precisely for this, for not following the restriction of an adult as a companion. In some cases it is no longer simply that point that they skip, but that of the distance from the home that, also, has been reported incessantly. You cannot get away more than 1 kilometer from your house, but that was not understood yesterday by a family that was denounced in the Plaza del raset. Two adults and a minor in a vehicle, already breaching the limit of one companion. But in addition, they were stopped in the car as they were traveling to walk Les Rotes, also violating the distance allowed from home.

Neither do the new measures regarding minors indicate full freedom to lead a normal life. However, some do not see it that way. On Abu Zeyan Street, a couple walking with a minor was sanctioned at dawn, indicating to the police that they had come to pick up their daughter who had spent the whole day at a friend's house.

Also on the road to Marines Two men were punished, one of whom claimed to be a family friend, walking a minor. He admitted that he was accompanying them for a walk on the beach.

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