Second positive in Dénia this week

31 July 2020 - 10: 30

The Ministry of Health has just made public the figures of infections by municipalities corresponding to yesterday. In these it is reported that the capital of the Marina Alta, for the second time this week, has registered a positive for coronavirus.

There are already 201 positives since the pandemic arrived in the Dénia Health Department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends, and the third in the capital since the state of alarm ended. Dénia thus becomes the municipality with the greatest impact of COVID-19 in the region during the last month. Of course, they are still infinitely lower figures than those registered in similar departments.

  1. Kim says:

    We are Booked for our holiday in Dénia in 10days, if our government lifted the advice not to travel and we decided to come, how is the town and what restrictions are in place? Are the majority of restaurants open, do we need to book, are face masks worn everywhere? Thank you

  2. Roger says:

    Est ce that nous devons etre en quarantaine 14 jours?
    No, it's not normal

    Pouvons nous aller sur les plages de las rotas librement?

    Nous and étions il y'a deux semaine encore. Nous distributes dans deux semaine de nouveau à las Rotas, tout ce passe bien, aucun problème

  3. Casuccio says:

    Nous habitons the Parisian region. Nous souhaitons passer nos vacances sur Denia.rotas Nous avons un logement au Florida Sol. Est ce nous devons etre en quarantaine 14 jours?
    Pouvons nous aller sur les plages de las rotas librement?
    Merci beaucoup pour votre retour qui nous aidera prendre notre Decision.
    Nadine casuccio
    Mobile +33 609119839

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