Second massive response in Dénia due to sanitary restrictions

January 29 from 2021 - 15: 33

A crowd has come this morning to the demonstration called by Unidos by the necessity in front of the Dianense consistory to demand that they be allowed to continue with their activity to save the economy. How they affected, "poverty also kills", so they have asked to be allowed to reopen their businesses.

The call was attended by several businessmen and workers in the gym sector, advocating the importance of opening the necessary facilities to maintain health, but also people linked to street vending and hospitality. It is the second successful demonstration followed in Dénia, where yesterday the hoteliers celebrated another, this time of vehicles, to claim aid to the sector.

In addition to demanding a relief from the restrictions, they have also called for the Government of Spain to act on the electricity bill, which they consider has risen disproportionately at the worst possible moment due to the indifference of the coalition parties.

However, the movement was primarily pursuing economic reactivation by loosening restrictions that have become tougher due to the current high incidence of the coronavirus in our Community, also in the Marina Alta. In order to exercise their professions, they insist on asking that people at risk remain refugees in their homes while others live in a normalcy with coronavirus and, as they point out, thus be able to recover a more friendly economic situation.

The demonstration has received the support of the controversial healer Josep Pàmies, although now they dissociate themselves from the denialist doctrine despite admitting that the movement has a place for those who believe or not in the pandemic or the vaccine.

  1. Alfred says:

    Stop by the hospital and then deny what you want.
    Estamis arranged between one and the other.

    • Joseph says:

      Nobody denies anything. I think you don't understand what I have explained

      • pepper says:

        He does not understand what you explain and you call others ignorant because you pretend to have the adsolute truth. Try to defend your position without disparaging that of others.

  2. Joseph says:

    Poor people who are ruining their lives. Politicians and paranoid people who are going to put thousands of people into misery through inconsistent measures. There is much talk of solidarity but what you politicians and paranoid people have achieved is to promote individualism since each one is going to seek life to survive as best they can.
    I understand politicians who have their nomic guaranteed at the end of the month and who take incoherent measures to shut the mouths of paranoid and hypochondriacal people. For politicians I have no advice to give for giving up the political class but I advise hypochondriacs and paranoids to leave and ask for an appointment from psychiatrists who have been able to live your life well by creating yourself a trauma from which you cannot to never be able to leave

    • José says:

      Many of you will say that I am a denier, irresponsible, unsupportive and bad person.
      I will tell you that you are selfish, paranoid, hypochondriacs and bad people.

      Most of you want everything closed is because you have the bread on the table secured at the end of the month. SELFISH!

      The common good of society is above our personal well-being.

      • pepper says:

        Exactly the common good is above our personal well-being. Above the parties, restaurants, bars, tourism, tourist real estate speculation and corrupt politicians who take advantage of it and have reduced economic development only to tourism and restoration. What we suffer now are the consequences of that model of society while other sectors of economic growth are ignored and ignored.

        • José says:

          There is a thing called PROPORTIONALITY
          Just as the police do not shoot someone who talks on a mobile while driving, neither should thousands of families be ruined by 57000 deaths from viruses, it is a year since it is the same amount that tobacco kills annually in Spain, if you heard correctly 52000 Spaniards a year die from tobacco and outside of prohibiting it they encourage its consumption. It is to be ignorant to think that politicians make restrictions to save lives…. If this were the case, tobacco would be prohibited and would save the lives of 52.000 Spaniards a year