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Second day with the highest number of discharges since the health crisis began

16 2020 April - 11: 20

The data of the Ministry of Health are again very optimistic and hopeful, with once again a day with a greater number of discharges than new infections. The difference between these figures is becoming more pronounced, which will lead us to see the total contagion curve fall in the near future.

During yesterday, only 191 were cases of new infections in the community, 55 of them in the province of Alicante, which is again the number with the lowest number. This number of new positives in the Valencian Community is one of the lowest since the state of alarm began, adding up to a total of 9.615 positive cases at the moment.

Faced with this low number of new infections, the number of daily discharges increases, having recovered 342 patients yesterday, the second highest number since the pandemic came to our land. In total there are already 3.702 discharges that have occurred.

On the other hand, the number of deceased is less than that of other days, with 27 during the day yesterday. Altogether, 972 people have lost their lives with coronavirus.

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