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Positive cases for COVID-19 have soared in the region

12 2020 April - 20: 27

The Ministry of Health has updated the data by county on the evolution of the Covid-19. Regarding the Marina Alta, according to the figures published today, referring to the situation of yesterday, Saturday until 21:175 pm, it is 76 positives, 99 more than the previous day, which accounted for a total of XNUMX.

In reference to the number of deaths, this has not changed in the last 24 hours, the number of 16 victims of coronavirus continues to be maintained, since yesterday they were updated, passing the number of 14 that had been initially confirmed to 16.

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  1. Lists of 10 says:

    Chinese authorities reported 14.840 cases of covid-19 infection on Wednesday - almost 10 times more than the previous day - and 242 deaths in Hubei province, the area most affected by the epidemic.

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