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Two months have passed without deaths with coronavirus and almost one month without infections

29 June 2020 - 12: 38

The news in the Marina Alta regarding the rates of coronavirus infections, which has caused the current global health crisis, are still more than positive. Since last April 28, when the unfortunate last death was reported in the region positive for coronavirus, there has been no other case.

The Dénia Health Department, on which the entire Marina Alta depends, has maintained itself since then with 19 positive deaths on COVID-19. Furthermore, the number of infections has dropped to non-existent. So much so that so far in June no new positive has been detected in any municipality in the region.

This could indicate that the coronavirus had already disappeared here. But, we must remember that we are again open, and exposed, to the world. Tourism has returned and visitors from all communities and countries are enjoying a vacation in the area these days, so we no longer depend only on local indicators and precautions must continue to be taken. The coronavirus is still present, so even though we continue to have good news, we cannot relax.

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