Visits are over: the Generalitat prohibits social gatherings throughout the Valencian Community

January 22 from 2021 - 15: 59

It was already mentioned in passing in some conversation between the leaders of the Generalitat and now it is going to be a reality. A new last-minute measure joins those announced last Tuesday and, without a doubt, it is the most restrictive of all: social gatherings between non-cohabitants are prohibited.

The vice president Mónica Oltra has announced this noon at the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell, that during the next few days a decree will be published to support this measure. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to meet family and friends who do not live together.

It is a new restriction that seeks to stop the incessant increase in infections and deaths in the Valencian Community. With the health system on the verge of collapse, the Generalitat calls for an effort from citizens to manage to reduce the curve of the coronavirus.

Now, the measure could be rejected by Moncloa since collides with the current state of alarm that allowed meetings to be limited to up to 6 participants, so it would require your approval. However, before this announcement it was already made public this week that they were working to find the legal form that would allow them to do so, which they would have found. In addition, the same measure is being applied by the Balearic government.

It is unknown when it will take effect and how long it will last. It has only transpired that there will be exceptions to care for dependent people or those who need care, as well as for people who live alone and couples who do not live together.

  1. Viio says:

    Hello, I am a professional in the supermarket sector.
    My case and eldr many like me ask out loud that so many restinctions they take. That there is a more important one please and they skip it. Dr go do the shopping. Let a member of each family come to buy, not the whole family.
    I ask please…. !!!

  2. Anti-dictatorshipCovidiana says:

    TERRORISTS AND SICARIOS… you are worse than the Nazis and their genocidal dictatorship.
    Everything you are doing is only designed to sink people's economy, mass vaccinate (surely charging another bonus greater than the one you charge for each positive of covid, extended by hospital admission with covid)
    You are GENOCIDAL MURDERERS and I only hope that you will be tried one day and pay for everything with the greatest possible penalty.

    • Margarita says:

      Yesterday a first cousin died from this damn virus. And it was for the social gatherings at Christmas. They were just family but the virus is very strong. We should have continued with the state of alarm, because the economy does not replace health, nor does it return you to loved ones !!!

    • Atc says:

      Ah! That private companies that refuse to treat covid patients do not charge bonuses for referring covid patients from public ones? !! How weird, right? You have no other argument? Pity…

    • Dolores Molina Sabchez says:

      This is a jilipollasss in proportion.
      That is, at the doors of the schools, all piled up on the buses, all piled up in the same subway, and it prohibits us from seeing the family ?? She sure won't make it through

  3. It's me says:

    Totally agree!!! Luckily someone else speaks loud and clear because, in general, most seem to have completely lost their brains and not realize that they are stealing our jobs, freedoms and natural human rights, with the excuse of a virus that it's based on one lie after another ...

  4. Sam redd says:

    You have to accept reality, you have to learn to live with Covid, for example, how is it possible that there are so few cases of flu? When other years there are a lot of these. In addition, the Covid test detects traces of RNA, which means that it can give you positive even if you do not have it, in addition, in the PCR tests it says that they should not be used to diagnose diseases.

  5. Jutta kuenen says:

    I THINK you have forgotten those who are alcoholics. People who are not capable of working for anything. . The consumption of ALCOHOL must be prohibited before tobacco is prohibited. A smoker can work his whole life. And when you die before retirement. OKAY
    So no alcohol in all of Spain !!!!!!!

  6. Miz says:

    I cannot even meet with my own family who do not live in my house, but to go to take a university exam that could perfectly be done online (since it is the format for the sick) I have to go by car to Gandia, by train to Valencia and by metro to the faculty to be for 3h with 60 people Minimum in a closed classroom?

    We have already done it for all the exams, one is missing, but the measures that the Community is taking seems to me a real joke.

  7. Joseph says:

    Flu: 15.000 deaths a year or what is the same 41 deaths a day in Spain

    tobacco: 52.000 deaths a year or what is the same 142 deaths a day in Spain

    Cancer: 110.000 deaths a year or what is the same 300 deaths a day in Spain

    Traffic accidents: 1725 deaths a year or what is the same 5 deaths a day in Spain

    Why don't we people scare these death figures? Why do not politicians also take restrictive measures to prevent these deaths and by the way ruin our lives with absurd measures to prevent them? Are these lives that have not died from coronavirus worth less?

    The answer is very simple:

    Society has already assumed that we die from those things and continue to live and pray that it doesn't touch us

    The problem with the coronavirus is that paranoid and hypochondriacal people, such as BUAA for its previous comment, create an alarm of such magnitude that they cause politicians to take ridiculous measures to shut up, even knowing that these measures are useless and that they ruin thousands of families with their restrictive measures

    The solution is to ACCEPT that the coronavirus is going to stay with us and that each and every one of us is going to get infected sooner or later and there is no use hiding. Let's accept the NEW NORMALITY that is living with the coronavirus among us !!

    When we accept it as a society then there will again be JOY ON THE FACE OF PEOPLE AND LIFE !!!

    Please do a great job to your community and stop behaving like neurotic all those who alarm you unnecessarily and accept reality once and for all.

    Dying people are going to die every day, obviously from coronavirus and other causes, it is a disgrace of course and to say otherwise is to be an evil being but there is nothing more cowardly and ignorant than not accepting the reality that you have in front of you and facing it

    • Daniel says:

      Finally someone coherent. Thanks for the comment

    • Dangerous Idiots says:

      You are uneducated and dangerous. Nothing else.
      You think your Google searches are worth more than the WHO with its 7 billion euros a year of funding.
      Shut your mouth once.
      You remind me of Trump and Bolsonaro and the blood they have on their hands.

      • Joseph says:

        I am not dangerous, I only give my opinion on a website and I don't think that will hurt anyone. I regret your authoritarian and little tolerant personality towards the comments of others, sad to see how you like to say how bad people we are, and you behave in such an intolerant way. You are not consistent with how you act as a good-looking person.

      • Roy says:

        You better shut your mouth. If you knew how to make rules of three, you would know that proportionally the USA and Brazil have proportionally fewer deaths than Spain.

      • July says:

        just like our great politicians, illa, sanchez
        We do not believe that in Spain we have more than a few hundred cases of coronavirus, we are not China, it is taking a pandemic
        We do not believe that the English strain affects Spain, it takes this rampaging as the currently busiest strain of covid
        how much political garbage we have and the worst of all is that all the others are equal or worse

    • It's me says:

      Totally agree!!! Luckily someone else speaks loud and clear because, in general, most seem to have completely lost their brains and not realize that they are stealing our jobs, freedoms and natural human rights, with the excuse of a virus that it's based on one lie after another ...

    • Sonia says:

      Accept this new virus calmly, without stress, without tachycardia, with joy on your face, lest you have a heart attack and go to the hospital and there is no ICU bed for you. IGNORANT

    • Alfonso says:

      Even if what you say is true, the problem to be avoided is the collapse of healthcare.
      It is not about anything else.
      If you have an accident and you need emergency help and they have to let you die because the hospital is full of COVID patients connected to respirators, would you understand it better?
      Infected doctors, doctors from other specialties assisting in the ICU because those in the ICU are sick ...
      We will have to do something to stop this, right? Or we do nothing and let our family members die from a cancer that cannot be treated, from a heart attack or peritonitis due to lack of sanitation?
      That's what you get

  8. Auronplay says:

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    • Victorcincorosas says:

      The Mrs. Vice President must have an antisocial character due to some trauma in her childhood / adolescence. First he insisted until the closure and consequent ruin of the hotel industry were achieved. Now he does not tolerate the social relationships of citizens, what more do you want Monica ??? I only hope that if other democratic elections come to pass, you and yours will disappear forever and ever !!!!

  9. Fornai😎 says:

    Frankly this did not happen

  10. Save says:

    Teachers are at risk just like anyone who works today. And of 26 nothing reduced bubble groups. When they are vaccinated in front of supermarket cashiers to give an example just for the privilege of being a civil servant we will see. Online education is a scarcity today.

  11. Marissa Peiro says:

    I children what? Are they going to school? They don't say anything about that, they are irresponsible

  12. José says:

    Hahahahaha the era of paranoia arrived!

    • Wow says:

      You are very tired with your comments the same every day and repeated.
      We all already know that you don't care about other people or infecting others or whether they live or die.
      It may be better to keep your opinion to yourself because most do matter.

  13. Elena Contri Llorca says:

    They prohibit the meetings of non-cohabitants seems very good to me but at school do we all meet again? Does this make sense? A teacher for only 26 children is at risk! 26 children 26 families if the parents are separated more families!
    The hospitality industry complains that they are always the harmed, sorry, the teachers, doctors, health workers, cleaners, etc. ellps are the harmed! I feel offended by so few measures when in other countries schools have already closed!
    This measure is late! Why haven't they done it this Christmas? Now we pay for so many sinners, family reunions, parties, etc. Here we have the fruit of our attitude but remember that politicians are irresponsible and it doesn't matter which party they are from!