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Sara Femenía: «As there is only one airport in Malta, it is easier to control»

24 March 2020 - 09: 51

In Spain we are learning little by little everything that happens in this crisis that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the media, the internet and, above all, to that great social network that we had left aside: the neighborhood that now looks out on their balconies.

But we certainly lack information on how other countries are coping with the situation. For this reason, in Dénia.com we have decided to carry out a series of interviews with dianenses who currently reside, for different reasons, abroad.

From Malta, the dianense Sara Femenía He tells us about his experience in the small country. Is it easier to control the situation on an island?

QUESTION. How is the situation in your country?

ANSWER. Quite controlled.

Q. What measures have been carried out so far?

R. Restaurants and bars closed last week. The children stopped going to school two years ago. Since Wednesday the 11th they canceled flights to Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Germany, and since last Saturday they have closed the airport.

People who have recently been away, no matter where, are in quarantine, and the police monitor that these people are home. If not, they are fined 1000 euros. Since there is only one airport, it is easy to have it controlled because the airlines give the names of passengers to the police.

For the past two weeks everyone who can is working from home.

Q. What do you think of these measures and what do you think of how they have been managed?

R. I think they are correct and I think they have been taken on time. They could still have started earlier by seeing the situation in neighboring countries, but within the bad it is not bad.

Q. Do the people there comply with them? How do they behave in the face of the situation?

R. There are many foreigners here and we are the ones that do the best from minute zero. Maltese people are getting used to the idea but they don't see it as serious. It is what happens, that until you see it oak you think that it will not happen to you. Foreigners, seeing the situation in our country, have taken it much more seriously.

Q. How are you living there and being away from home?

R. I am much more concerned with my people and my family in Spain than what might happen to me here. I have no elderly or children around and I do not consider myself at risk.

Q. What do you know about what is happening in Spain? What news do you get?

R. Today with social networks I am more up-to-date with the situation in Spain than in the country in which I live. And quarantine has made you stay in touch with people more than ever.

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