Healthcare begins to condition the field hospitals in the Valencian Community

January 13 from 2021 - 09: 37

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health has conditioned a total of 280 beds in the field hospitals of the Valencian Community to relieve pressure on the health departments most affected by the increase in hospitalizations associated with the rebound in coronavirus cases.

By provinces, 80 beds have been set up in the Alicante field hospital, another 80 in Castelló and 120 in València.

"These beds are designed to refer positive COVID-19 patients, confirmed by PCR, with mild or moderate clinical situation, previously admitted to an acute hospital. In this way, we plan to gain space from the parent hospital on which the field hospital depends It is not about taking ICU beds to field hospitals ", has explained the Minister for Universal Health and Public Health, Ana Barceló.

They will also serve as a stay and place of treatment for patients who cannot keep quarantine or treatment at home or with their partners, as well as for those who cannot be treated in their reference hospitals due to their high occupancy.

The pathologies that will be treated in the field hospitals will be patients older than 18 years with admission for COVID pneumonia in the phase of resolution of the disease (respiratory failure must be able to be corrected with low oxygen flows), as well as patients who could receive the hospital discharge, but they are forced to remain temporarily hospitalized due to the impossibility of maintaining adequate isolation measures.

The criteria for hospitalization and occupation of these new hospital posts will be: proximity to the access area, proximity to the different emergency exits, availability of connections to the oxygen network, modules that facilitate work dynamics and better isolation from noise sources and exterior lights.

To attend to the hospital posts set up in the three field hospitals built together with their parent hospitals, it has also been planned to mobilize personnel.

Specifically, for each module or nursing control with 22 beds, a total of 11 nurses and 6 ACTs, in addition to orderlies and administrative professionals.

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  1. Carles Gual says:

    The management of the Department is feeling bad.
    Encara has no mesures preses, nor more personal. Els centers de salut tancats i els politics donant lliçons a tots. Shame, senyors, shame!

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