Sanitat confirms the first two outbreaks of coronavirus in Dénia this summer

August 12 from 2020 - 11: 44

The capital of the Marina Alta is facing its first two outbreaks after the state of alarm, as announced by Sanitat. Barceló announced on August 7 the existence of an outbreak in Dénia that had infected 4 people, to which is added a new one that was made public yesterday, of social origin, and that had affected 3 people.

The Ministry confirms, in this way, the information that was advanced last week exclusively Dénia.com when the contagion data grew disproportionately in just 24 hours.

It is important to differentiate between outbreaks and infections, since they are not the same. It is known as an outbreak when an individual with coronavirus infects at least two people. That is, there are three infections belonging to the same circle. This is where trackers must intensify their efforts to identify who they have been in contact with positives and ensure that the outbreak does not continue to escalate.

  1. Joseph says:

    They must lock us all at home for as long as people continue to die from the deadly virus, even for years and years. The important thing is to survive the threat of the unknown that is killing humanity without mercy. I recommend responsible people who do not want to die to lock themselves in their homes so that they and their relatives will be safe from the mortal threat and never leave! Do it for your own good and for the good of your elders who will not transmit it to them from the deadly virus.

  2. Anabel says:

    You are liars and scoundrels, in Denia there is much more than that and also the hospital does not even answer the phone and to make matters worse there is no type of tracking, I do not know why things are being done so badly but what bothers the most is that you tell what you want

  3. Antonio Fonseca says:

    I wonder where the municipal police are, C / Marqués de campo and municipal market, with a large influx of people and many without or without their masks on properly and not a single police officer is seen, where are they?

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