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Several parents are penalized for violating the state of alarm of a group of 7 minors

May 18 from 2020 - 11: 15

Since the beginning of the month we have enjoyed in our department permission to walk adults alone or with minors. Now, in the case of Dénia limiting itself to the established time slots, as well as the rest of the rules, very insisted on all the information channels.

However, even today, these regulations continue to be breached, as happened yesterday in Dénia, the police having to report several times to parent groups that had come together to walk children under 14 years old living in different addresses.

In addition, in the Camí de Sant Joan a group of 7 minors was found walking around without respecting the time slot, without keeping the safety distance or wearing any protection. In these cases, the agents contact the parents to sanction them for the infraction of their children. And so it was, the 7 being punished for the unwise and reckless ride of their offspring.

  1. Marcel August says:

    It is interesting that denia.com brings this type of banal information. Why do they do that? Divide the opinions of the population? Getting people to report other people? Enforce the majority of people to foolish and ineffective rules? These types of articles are a negative influence on society.

  2. Mam says:

    What a journalistic level !!!

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