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Sanctioned in Dénia for using motorcycles without a mask

May 26 from 2020 - 12: 25

Since the state of alarm was decreed, sanctions for using the vehicle without complying with the protection measures required by Health have been very common, practically daily. However, these were almost always to car users.

Instead, yesterday, people who traveled by motorcycle and moped in Dénia were penalized on different occasions for not complying with these security measures.

In one of these cases, on the Dénia road to Xàbia, the driver and a passenger were on the moped, the latter being penalized for having the visor raised without wearing a mask and not wearing gloves. In the second case, in Partida Madrigueres, a person was punished who was riding his motorcycle and had no integral case or, again, a mask.

  1. Nuria says:

    This is already too much that we wear a helmet. Having to wear a mask too. Who are we going to infect on the road? This government wants to recover the money it owes based on fines

  2. Joseph says:

    But what am I messing about ?? The police fine a motorcycle driver for not wearing a mask ????? Perhaps the police do not know that the mask is only mandatory in closed public places and outdoors where the minimum distance of 2m cannot be maintained ????? What an outrage that those in charge of ensuring our safety dedicate themselves to fining indiscriminately without knowing the laws themselves ... yes, pay the fine even if you are right and then appeal it and hopefully, very lucky, they will return the money in a Couple of years…..

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