Sanctioned the owner and clients of a Dénia bar for giving service inside

May 14 from 2020 - 15: 13

Phase 1 of de-escalation, which we entered last Monday, has eased some social and business restrictions. Hoteliers are undoubtedly the most benefited, who have been allowed to open the terraces of their premises to resume their activity. At first it was planned that 30% of these would be opened, but the pressure exerted forced the government to increase the capacity to 50%.

But terraces. What everyone knows is that in Phase 1 it cannot be consumed inside any establishment. However, some prefer to ignore restrictive measures despite the fact that we are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis.

During the day yesterday, the Local Police located at dawn in the town center a bar inside which there was movement. It was the owner of the establishment and four clients, who were consuming drinks despite the prohibition to use the interiors in this type of business. The recklessness was settled with a 5 sanctions, both to the owner and to the clients.

  1. Miguel says:

    It is clear that with the attitude that you have if it makes us worse as a society. It is clear that you are an apparently healthy person and you are neither a risk patient nor an elderly person.

  2. Joselito says:

    Very well, but you have not yet learned that there is no vaccine or treatment to cure the infected.

    • José says:

      If I have found out, just like there is no vaccine for the measles virus, AIDS, etc etc etc. No one can guarantee that there is a cure for this type of coronavirus, what they will guarantee is an absolute ruin for everyone and a behavioral change for people that will make us worse as a society.

      • Miguel says:

        It is clear that with the attitude that you have if it makes us worse as a society. It is clear that you are an apparently healthy person and you are neither a risk patient nor an elderly person.

        • Raul says:

          If the country remains paralyzed, there will be no resources to combat this pandemic, nor many other big problems. People will be more concerned about being able to pay for food and bills than about the virus. Each month of confinement we are going to pay for it with a year of hard cuts…. those of 2012 will seem little to us. That they control the elderly and those with pathologies, and let the rest work.

        • Marcel august says:

          I don't know anyone who dies from this virus, maybe someone else will, but I know many people who worked years, decades to build their lives and are now bankrupt and going to unemployment. They did everything society expected of them, they worked hard and paid their taxes, and now they are destroyed. Is that proportionate?

  3. Citizen says:

    It seems that the action is very subjective, since I have seen many bars with terraces overloaded with customers for whom the social distance is not 3 meters, but 3 cm.
    I have seen police cars pass by without blinking in front of bars with hundreds of customers, like canned sardines.
    If the police don't take it seriously, the public won't either.

  4. José says:

    How pathetic to denounce people of this style.
    Many people will think that the pathetic thing is to think like me, but I do not care, the social psychosis that is being lived is very very pathetic and our enlightened politicians are promoting with their illogical restrictions without any sense. Let us accept as soon as possible that we already have another virus in society and we must live with it, it is the only way to continue being a "normal" society.

    • Raul says:

      All the reason, that they stop treating us childishly and scare people. In Spain about 1.000 people die every day from other things, and no one is shocked.

    • Miguel says:

      . If it is not that it is a new disease that kills fewer people than other diseases that we already have, it is about hospital collapse because many people who are infected need medical care and if they collapse, the hospitals are not capable of all or other patients. With other illnesses, if already confining ourselves at home we have collapsed a lot from hospitals throughout Spain and from other imaginary countries that would have allowed us to act with normality, surely the dead would count by millions and not by thousands. But as only the elderly and those who have some pathology related to respiration and others die and you are healthy, it is better to live a normal life and let someone who dies die. Instead of being supportive and supporting each other to move forward and get this off us as soon as possible and return to normal

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